Of Washington DC, Sibly’s Justitia, and the 39°

My intention in the last post was to introduce the contention that a deliberate and meaningful geometry was embedded in Sibly’s “American Independence” engraving.  Similar schemes are known to exist in other works of art from well before in history, and continue to this day.  Though I have no direct evidence that Sibly’s design was indeed geometric, it seems rather obvious that such a scheme exists, and so we should learn what it is telling us.

As revealed in the last post, Justitia is pointing her sword to the ground at an angle of 39°.  This is highly significant gesture if indeed this is the mythologized version of the founding of Washington DC, as it reveals that DC’s symbolic architecture and design are rooted in a dogma that was known to the Freemasons.


39 is a tarot number, being half the deck of 78.  Justice is card #11, and sometimes referred to as the “G” card when compared to the Hebrew alphabet.

It is a fact that Washington DC is a 39° kinda town.  It sits quite near the earth’s 39th parallel, with the Capitol building located at 38°53′ N, and 77°01′ W.

The street plan of the city features roads extending out from the Capitol in different directions.  Pennsylvania Avenue and  New York Avenue are at an angle of 39°, and both are at an angle of 19.5° to the parallel of latitude.


The statue that sits atop the Capitol Building’s dome, the “Statue of Freedom”, is 19.5 (39/2) feet tall.


Washington National Cathedral is also on an angle to the east/west parallel, and it is also at the value of 19.5°, pointing in the same directions as New York Avenue.



Justitia is always depicted with both the sword and scales; the sword is always pointing downward to indicate a stance of non-combat and peace, and it is clever of Sibly to show her with the sword extended at this angle, standing to the north (if we assume that the engraving is looking ot the west), and facing east.

Washington is to the south, gesturing to the “Federal Union” book (The Constitution) on the ground, and pointing another sword to the ground.  Behind him is a building in Greek motif, up on a hill, representing not only the Western cultural tradition, but that this new capital would be established on a philosophical basis rather than monarchial – the dream of the Masoninc Order.  (It is not an accident that Washington DC’s main architecture is done in Greek styling.)

Sibly, ever the Mason, is telling us that “American Independence” was not complete until the Federal Union had a Federal City.  Even though the chart in the sky is for July 4, 1776, the new Federal City was not the seat of government until 1800, some 83 years after the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717.  In fact, there was a big push in 1800 to move the government from Philadelphia to Washington in time for the 4th of July, and though the summer months that year saw little in the way of legislation, the new Federal City was mostly in place as the true locale of power.

It should be noted that in 1800 AD, there was an exact return of the Sun/Jupiter eclipse that sits atop the  chart for Modern Freemasonry @ 13° Cancer; this dual return, called a “synod” in astronomy, is one of the most precise of all the planets, varying by only about a second of arc every return.  The Babylonians made note of this, as had the builders of the Washington National Cathedral, who spaced precisely 83 years between the cornerstone ceremony inn 1908 and the dedication in 1991.


– Ed K

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