The purpose of Emersion is to disseminate research findings on the history of the usage of astrology by political and elite groups.  It is my belief that astrology has played a major, ongoing role in political developments, and by studying these patterns, we can glean better understanding of the forces that shape our lives.

~ Ed Kohout

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  1. Explain please, Sun/Jup eclipse cycle as 83y.
    Isn’t it annual? Or are we talking about a really precise event with Jup right on the ecliptic as the Sun passeth by?

  2. Hi, the 83-year cycle was observed in the “goal-year texts” of the Babylonians, but modern measurements show that Sun/Jupiter has a remarkably precise 83-year cycle in the tropical zodiac, where the two return to the same location with an error of only about one arcminute. In the case of eclipses (which can only happen when Jup is on its own node), the cycle takes on a special meaning, and this was indeed observed by the Masonic cult.

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