Where are they?

The question arises, is the scene of the Sibly engraving a specific place, or is it just some generalized anywhere?  Are they in New York, or Philadelphia?

One night when I was looking at the graphic, and after realizing there are about seven really bizarre things about it, I wondered if there was anything to the placements, like with the swords being pointed in certain directions.

Again, the graphic:


Notice that Washington is pointing towards the ground with his sword.  With his left hand, he is presenting the Federal Union.  Justice is also pointing at the child.

At the top, the chart is in the old square format; a line drawn from the MC line in the chart, which is nearly perpendicular, to the bottom and through the ground to the intersections of the swords looks like this:


Yes, lo and behold, there’s a 33° angle and Washington is standing in it.  He, being a noted Freemason, is a Master, and also the personification of the geometry, the “33”.


Next, the angle from the MC line to the lady of Justice is 51°, a strange number, but it’s the reciprocal of 39°, the latitude of Washington DC.


A closer look:


Thus, the setting is most likely the bare land where Washington DC will stand, and that’s probably Georgetown in the background.  Washington is there, proclaiming the ground sacred and just, ready for the great work.

The Native American is also proof that this is Washington DC, but because of what he’s doing — holding corn and oil, and behind him is the cube, the cornerstone!  This is the foundation of the New Masonic Capital, the utopia of this venerable society.

– Ed

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