On the DC Obelisk – Part III

On the DC Obelisk – Part III

A quick shout-out is due astrologer Jude Cowell of Stars Over Washington for both inspiration and a reminder of what it takes to be a competent mundane practitioner. Her blog is a veritable treasure-trove of data and insights essential to astrologers who want to learn about the craft. Bravo, Jude! I hear you are an artist too?

Top view of the Washington Monument. The dimensions of the obelisk approximate the values of phi;
a superimposed pentacle reveals a Golden Mean ratio between the pyramidion and the main column.

In the first two parts of this illustrious series on the DC Obelisk, aka the Washington Monument, we learned a few parameters of how the monument marks the historical place and time of this “great experiment” called the USA. Encoded within are referents to the heavens, or the “great clock,” in which the planets cycle through the fixed star matrix of the empyrean.

History is replete with both triumph and tragedy. The occultist seeks to understand these unfolding events through the lens of evolutionary cycling between the heavenly and earthly realms. To do that, we need to know where and when we are. The Washington Monument is a physical creation that marks not only the location of the national government, but also “when” it is – the temporal ideal and effort.

We learned that the year 1800 was exceptional in certain astrological terms, and that the location of Washington DC — the actual Third Rome — in both time and space is part of a larger plan for Western Civilization (if you can call it that).

We can theorize that DC itself a realization (or at least one major milestone) of the “great work” of the modern freemasons based in London, who are thought to be the posterity of ideals from the Rosicrucians of the early 17th Century.

What were those Masons up to?

The masons have an acronym — GAOTU — for “Grand Architect of the Universe,” which is basically “God.” God is a creator — a builder with a plan. Humans in the architecture business may emulate that through the use of mathematics and form. Much of the masonic dogma is based upon the story of some fellow named Hiram Abiff, who was the chief architect of Solomon’s Temple. Briefly stated, the works of men should be honorable and godly, but the way to get there is through the elevation of wisdom and consciousness through the Masonic rites.

Personally, I don’t buy any of that, being an atheist who abhors religion, but it’s easy to see how such thinking became a cosmology among those modern freemasons who wanted to make the world their blue lodge.

The evidence is right in front of us when it comes to Washington DC as a culmination of the freemasonic dream of a New Rome, and within it, a New Solomon’s Temple.

The Seat of Government Act

Before anything could be set up in DC by 1800, the new and hopeful US Congress and President had to figure out a place to establish a governmental district. Washington, then president, signed the bill on July 16, 1790, time unknown, and thus yet another noon chart:

Here we can see that this was not July 15, as would fit the precision of the Washington Monument (which was barely a notion even back then), but July 16, and the Sun is not in conjunction with Procyon. It is, however, the day that the fixed stars Spica and Arcturus would be on the ascendant, or at least their ecliptic value, at the location of DC. (The bill was signed in New York City, which was the home of the Federal Government until about December of 1790.)

As can be seen in the next chart — a bi-wheel of the Seat of Government Act and the Washington Monument Dedication — Procyon has processed through the tropical zodiac to an exact conjunction of the Sun/MC of the Seat of Government Act chart (extra ring star values are for the outer wheel radix):

Also of note is a Jupiter return to within one degree of arc, in opposition to Mars. Are we seeing a pattern here? Yes, and all the data is forcing us to look at Jupiter … Jupiter as a Great Chronocrator, and Jupiter as historical marker.

While Washington DC is hardly a finished city, we can imagine that the city as a symbolic monument in and of itself was begun with the Jones Point boundary stone placement and finished with the dedication of the Washington Monument. In a sense, this is the lowest southern point growing to the highest central point. If we take the 3:30 PM time seriously for the Jones Point event, and there is little reason not to, we can generate this bi-wheel:

Here we can see that, amazingly, the two charts harmonize through Fortuna, or the Part of Fortune, of the Dedication chart, which is conjunct the Boundary Stone Luna and the 1885 value of 77 Leo. Dedication Saturn, in trine to Mercury, is on the Boundary Stone midheaven, and in square to Boundary stone Moon, quite emblematic of Saturn’s connection to structure, boundary, the law, and fixity.

When we throw Neptune (discovered in 1846) in the mix…

with Neptune…

… we can see that Dedication Neptune is exactly on the Boundary Stone Venus/Black-Moon conjunction, and that Declaration ascendant is in an exact trine to Boundary Stone Neptune – a Neptune posit we can now see is in an exact (less than one degree of orb) opposition to the Boundary Stone Sun. Consider also that Boundary Stone Jupiter is in a trine to Dedication Moon on Algol, which brings us back to the beginning of this series where we asked, “What is this obelisk for?”

The Re-Boot

A little-remembered factoid about the construction of the WM is that the project fell into disarray after the Civil War started, and lasted through the 1870’s. Proper construction resumed, and by August 7, 1880, an official re-start ceremony took place.

1880 was a leap year of 366 days, thus August 7 of that year is day #220; 3/5 of the year elapsed on that day, at the moment of 2:24 PM, again symbolizing the phi-pentagram relationship that is approximated in the monument. In a normal year of 365 days, the calendar circumscribes a pentacle at midnight of New Year’s, March 14/15, May 26/27, August 7/8, and October 19/20 – all in 73-day intervals:

For a leap year, the values are: March 14 + 4.8 hours, May 26 + 9.6 hours, August 7 + 14.4 hours, and October 19 + 19.2 hours.

So, if we do something a little wild here and erect a bi-wheel for the Jones Point Boundary Stone and the WM re-start at our calendar pentacle point, we get more interesting precision connections, first in the sidereal Fagan-Allen:

Boundary Stone Uranus is being transited by re-start Mercury; Boundary Stone Mercury is being transited by re-start Saturn; Boundary Stone Mars is being transited by Jupiter; Boundary Stone Venus is being squared by re-start Venus. It’s quite remarkable!

The midheaven of the re-start char is approaching Boundary Stone Jupiter, and if we adjust the time for the re-start chart to have those align, we move to a little after 2:33 LMT, and find that the ascendant/descendant are smack-dab on the Aldebaran/Antares opposition:

Remembering that, in the era of the late 18th Century, the Sun aligned with Aldebaran on May 27, and that this is encoded into the slope of the pyramidion atop the WM (as was demonstrated in Part I of this multi-part series), it seems highly improbably that these astro-alignments are coincidental. If not, then, by default, this is actually part of a much larger plan – an occult plan, surely – but how larger are the parameters?

These aren’t the only pentacles in DC, either. There is one in front of the White House as well:

In Part IV, we will look beyond the Federal City, and to time itself, which is always evolving in our consciousness. Also, where does Solomon’s Temple fit into all of this?

– Ed

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