On the Exaltation of Mars – an introduction

On the Exaltation of Mars – an introduction

The enigma of planetary “exaltations” in astrology has been a focus of mine for many years. In that time, I have compiled a vast collection of data – enough to fill a sizeable book. After cogitating on the subject, it is now time to coalesce everything in a (hopefully) organized manner. My aim is to demystify a few things, and I hope you will find the product interesting and helpful.

I originally intended to publish it on my own, and bypass the publishing industry which has been heavily “Amazonified” in the last decade or so. Amazon doesn’t care about authors, so F them.

Self-publishing is also daunting. So, even though I have some years of experience in layout and design, I though it would be more expedient for me to simply offer all the chapters online for a nominal subscriber fee.

That way, instead of me charging $40 for a book, the bulk of which would go into printing and distribution, I figured a nominal subscription to premium content on this would net me about the same revenue as hustling a book. It’s not like I’m going to be the next Linda Goodman – the content of “On the Exaltation of Mars” is geared more toward astrologers and historians, rather than the popular press.

I don’t consider this tome to be similar to 99% of astrology books. It will read more like a work of journalism and non-fiction about astrology, and so there will be much “astro-splaining” incorporated throughout to bring non-astrologers up to speed on how to read charts, and identify what is important in the craft.

For the accomplished astrologer, the information will still be fresh and, as always, unique; I have no interest in rehashing and regurgitating work that has already been given to the world by writers of the past.

I guarantee that this work will add to the knowledge base of both astrologers and historians alike. I have no interest in publishing anything that lacks a unique perspective. The point of On the Exaltation of Mars is to offer insights that can be found nowhere else.

As for the work itself, it will take us from the ancient Middle East into the modern day of Western culture and civilization, stopping off at places like Rosslyn Chapel, Las Vegas, and NASA. I want you to have an adventure. The scope of this topic is, again, quite vast, so it really can’t be anything less than a journey. It deserves a thorough treatment, but I hope to keep things entertaining as well. The Cosmos game me smart-ass superpowers for a reason!

As such, and as I will be releasing chapters and sections on a serial basis, which may take a year. For now, the subscription will be only $10 per year. Once I have the vast bulk of material up, the subscription price will probably go up a bit.

From time to time I will publish content that has nothing to do with On the Exaltation of Mars as well, like my insights on the tarot and other metaphysical topics.

So, enough with the hype, it’s time to bring on the da funk!

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    Well, here’s good news for astrologers and interested readers alike! Now available is a vast overview, “On the Exaltation of Mars”, delivered in serial form via a modest subscription. And the author promises an adventure! Now how cool is that?

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