On the Exaltation of Mars – Chapter 3.1 – Tabby’s Star

On the Exaltation of Mars – Chapter 3.1 – Tabby’s Star

On October 13 of 2015, the world changed. 

Well, the world of astronomy, at least.  This was the day that the Atlantic magazine published a story entitled “The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy.”  The Atlantic broke the news to the general public that a major “citizen scientist” discovery was made concerning a nearby star (1480 light years distant – a mere hop skip and a jump away from Earth given the vast expanse of the universe), and that the data suggested a remote possibility of intelligent, alien life. Yes – alien life!

It was a big effin’ deal back then. It really isn’t anymore, though, as alternate hypotheses that better explained the data have become accepted, and all talk of alien megastructures with this star has ceased. So, why bring this up, and what does this have to do with Mars’ exaltation?

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