I miss you, John.

When I started this blog 11+ years ago, it was meant to be a joint project between myself, Ed Kohout, and researcher John Ballantrae, who also had a keen interest in astrology.

John is no longer with us, and I continue to mourn his loss. He was a voracious reader and researcher, and offered insights into history that I had never hoped to imagine.

As I began to insert some of our ideas into this blog those many years ago, we lost a bit of steam early on, due to the many wild swings in both of our personal lives. I had met a woman, who would eventually become my wife. I relocated to the mountains in Riverside County, California, with the aim of having a secluded place to live, and also to study the heavenly motions in a dark-skies setting, in the shadow of Mount Palomar Observatory.

The economy had turned south rather rapidly, and I found myself in a financial pickle, and so my astrological projects (which I considered to be somewhat iconoclastic and well off the beaten path in terms of the normal stuff astrologers were interested in) were put on indefinite hold.

John and I began getting back into the swing of things in 2012, and we enjoyed countless Skype sessions, which mostly consisted of John doling out information on historical matters in waterfall fashion – enough to drown even the most ardent history geek.

In 2014, I bought a small, local newspaper, in partnership with my wife, and set out to do some more practical journalistic damage. We sold the paper in 2017, sold the house, and moved to Idaho for a new adventure. Thus, the time is right for me to get back into the old astro-studies and explorations.

Astrology, if it is anything, is the study of the cycles of celestial motion in relation to the motions of mankind. Humans are in constant motion, as are the heavens, but humanity as a whole has had ramped up its own momentum by many orders of magnitude over the past few centuries, while the motions of the heavens grind on at their very steady and predictable rate. Humanity’s industriousness has been on an upswing as well, with most of the planet now engaged in business activity and interactivity beyond the wildest dreams of anyone 200 years ago. How this is explained by astrology is, well, anyone’s guess, but I’m not here to explain how the whole thing works.

What I do want to accomplish here is a rekindling and reexamination of those many things we used to talk about, and to share them with the public. The time is now. There is plenty to publish here, and I will be using this blog as a portal to some other extensive works I have in the foundry.

I miss you, John. I miss you dearly. But, I still have much of your research legacy at my fingertips, and although new events and insights continue to manifest on this crazy plane of existence, your efforts will remain alive amidst it all.

See you in the stars, my friend!

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