A Cursory Look at the 2:18 am Birth Time for Hillary Clinton

The recent debate over the correct birth time for USA Presidential candidate Hillary Diane Clinton has been interesting, to say the least.  I hope, here, to present a defense of this time, using the standard dial-and-midpoint technique of Cosmobiology, or, as some call it, Symmetric Astrology.

For a bit of background, see:  https://youtu.be/-ffCemlJ7V0

And then a dissection:  http://www.patrickwatsonastrologer.com/2016/10/04/why-marc-penfields-218-am-birth-time-claim-for-hillary-is-a-japanese-turd-burger/

Alas, the Rodden data is labeled as “DD,” which means “dirty data,” a rating given to murky data points, even though the very competent astrologer Marc Penfield swears by it.

It should be said here that birth data is a very heady and complicated matter in the realm of astrology.  When, exactly, is someone considered “born,” and can we trust the validity of birth times that are recorded by unknown persons on birth certificates?

Much has been written about these matters, but it is up to individual astrologers to use their skills to verify the usefulness of data as it is reported.  Often, astrologers will settle on an alternate birth time for a natal chart after tinkering with it for some time, in a process called “rectification.”  This is, or should be, standard practice, to be skeptical of what constitutes the basic data of the scope.

The person herself, Clinton, has never released her recorded birth time, and is under no obligation to.  In fact, it might be wise to withhold such information for practical reasons, as many of us still believe that astrology can be used as a weapon, in terms of timing various assaults on a person.  The thinking goes like this:  the points in an astrology chart that are the most sensitive, and vulnerable, are the “angles” and the Moon position, as they move very rapidly and represent the very personal emotional nature of the person, and the inner hopes and dreams, desires, biases, etc.

In this sense, the fundamental character of a person that can be gleaned through a birth chart can be hidden, somewhat, by not divulging the lunar posit.  Or, the time can simply be lied about, throwing everyone off, as there is no way to verify it without an actual study of the official birth certificate that is on file.

Then again, with a figure like Hillary Clinton, not much has been left to the imagination.  We know much more about her than perhaps anyone else in public life, through 25+ years of national media coverage, much of it focusing on her adult life from Wellesley College onward.

Older Guesses at a Birth Time

Astro.com, the data collection site created by Lois Rodden, and most-used by astrologers, offers three times, and sources:

2:18 am – Rodden herself claims to have collected this time.

8:02 am – “Mason time, from staff interview Jan 2003.”

8:00 pm – “herself, according to Ingraham biography.”

The latter times are the most-used by astrologers, it seems, with the 8 pm time being a favorite, perhaps because it posits the Moon in tight alignment with the VE/MA/PL combination often associated with a ruthless passion for power; having Moon there just bolsters the inner desires and dreams for such behavior over the life, and at the apex of the natus, shows the most visible feature of the life.


And, as Moon is receptive in nature, it means also that this is where the person’s enemies and detractors will hone in on.  In other words, no, the very intelligent and prescient nature of Clinton’s ME-90-SA is not a primary driver of her life – only the base, inner, lower-chakra (if you will) part of the personality gains traction with the public.

The endless hysteria over Clinton being part of a mass-murder cult, eliminating enemies one by one, is part of such a narrative, never mind that nothing has ever been proven, or come close to being proven.  Apparently, she and her husband, and their clique, are just very good a murder, and MO=[VE-90-(MA-0-PL)] proves it.

Such VE/MA/PL passions are also victimizing Hillary Clinton in this scenario, with her husband being a known philanderer and, of course, “rapist,” according to those who find it natural to smear the political competition.

Yet, we find that Hillary’s perseverance in the world is nothing less than astonishing.  She’s been crucified and buried more times than I can count, only to be resurrected again.  The Christ himself would be jealous.

Indeed, her favorability ratings (MO/ME), according to Gallup, are quite wild.  Very unpopular when her husband took office in 1993, they have soared, and plummeted, within a certain range, reaching a high plateau during her stint as Secretary of State, and then falling into a chasm recently:


One thing that can be said, generally, about the above graph, is that Clinton suffers mightily during election season, and then rebounds afterward.  She was quite popular with voters in New York State when she served as Senator, handily winning re-election with 67% of the vote.  In the 2000  Senate election, she received 55% of the popular vote, though it should be said that Al Gore took 60% of the vote in NY in that same election.  She currently enjoys a +20 point lead over New York native Donald Trump, though barely skirting above the 50% level of support in recent polls.

What About Those Dials?

Ultimately, the test of which data might be best is to run the various natii through known transits of importance, and there are many to choose from.  For the sake of brevity, I’m going to look at major political events, but first, let’s look at the different midpoint trees for the 8 pm and 2:18 am charts in the 16H, using the 22.5 degree modulus, parallax Moon setting, True Nodes, and the Part of Fortune (a harmonic point of SO-MO+AS):



At first glance, the 2:18 pm chart looks more dynamic, and it is where it counts.  The benefics, Venus and Jupiter, take on more critical roles – rather than canceling each other out, they bring a vibrance to the more difficult pairings of Saturn and Mercury with Uranus, and the industrial Sun/Mars:  VE=[(ME-90-SA)/UR] and JU=SO/MA.

Saturn and Mercury align with the angles, bringing that dynamic square into the forefront.    Clinton is known as a very studied “policy wonk,” with extensive writing to her credit.

Moon, instead of being tied to Mars, is with Neptune, and Pluto finds the midpoint of Venus and Mars, instead of being in aspect with the Ascendant.  The Midheaven, most important with the probability of worldly achievement, is more favorable as well in the 2:18 chart, and the Ascendant points to a far more dynamic, and directed, MA/JU, instead of a more directionless SO/NE, and brings a worldly attention to her ME-90-SA through the Nodes.

In my opinion, the 8 pm chart is nearly impossible to negotiate in a career with high public visibility.  There are too many maniacal combinations, a tendency to self-destruct, and probably die young from either accident or stress on the system.

When we consider the immense negative, and outlandish, charges against Hillary in the media, the receptive Moon’s connection to the Neptunian realm of dark undercurrents makes more sense.  Hillary is the receptor of the illnesses others project on her.

As for transits, we can see that the 2:18 chart best describes Hillary’s highest points in public life, during her years in the State Department.  When she was approved (by a 94-2 vote) on January 21, 2009, her Moon was seeing the best possible transit:


Yet, the potential for trouble lurked with MA/PL in the otherwise fortunate combination of natal [SO/MO] = transit [SO/(VE-45-JU)=(MA/PL)].

As she spent her term visiting 112 nations, and implementing a post-Bush/Cheney foreign policy, she earned mostly high marks, and praise, from around the globe, and at home.

Shattering that, obviously, was the Benghazi incident, on September 11, 2012:


Above, we see the transiting SA/PL midpoint hitting Clinton’s natal MO/PL, and below, the transiting SA/PL midpoint transits her Secretaryship’s SO/PL, which is exactly what we would expect in such a scenario.


There are certainly many other energies at play here, and I’ll leave it to readers to investigate for themselves, as this is not meant to be an exhaustive study.

As it appears right now, Hillary is mathematically assured of being the next President.  If we compare her 2:18 natus with the chart for the next Presidency, the picture is a bit worrisome.  While the 8 pm chart places Moon with Mars and Pluto, leaving an unbalanced situation with the luminaries (a weaker Sun), the 2:18 chart has a more psychologically balanced scenario, with [SO/VE]=[MO/MA].  Given that PL=[VE/MA], a vital axis appears as such, at about the 39 degree point on the 45 modulus:


This axis will be transited by a very serious MO=[MA-90-SA] tree at the scheduled inauguration time, leaving this:

HRC [SO/MO]/[PL=(VE/MA)] = POTUS-2017 MO=[MA-90-SA]:


This is perhaps the opposite of a “cake walk,” and one can only imagine the tests Hillary will be put through in her term.  That same POTUS-2017 chart also features the destined SO=JU/SA, bringing this Presidency to the very leadership of the world of nations, and more specifically SO=MO/JU=JU/SA=PL/AS.  It’s anything but pretty, but surely, if this 2:18 chart time is correct, the cosmos has brought the right human together with the right challenges.  As this presumptive Hillary term ends in 2021, under a new synod of Jupiter and Saturn, what happens in the next four years will obviously be the closing of the 9/11 era, and the seeds of a new global scenario will become more apparent. No doubt we’ll be living in “interesting times,” but if handled properly…  oh, I know, I’m such an optimist!

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