The Metonic Return of 9/11 – Part 1

It’s hard to believe that 19 years have elapsed since the that day Building 7 collapsed for no good reason. So, I thought I’d refresh our memories on the astrological and astro-numeric pseudo-coincidences of that day, mostly because this stuff is yet to be explained properly, but also for the reason that some new “surprise” like Benghazi is going to happen. It is election season, and early voting means the “October surprise” now has to happen in September.

First, to explain the the Metonic cycle. Every 19 years, the Sun and Moon return to almost exactly their same locations in the zodiac. The key here is almost exactly, but the localized return of 9/11 is curiously precise:

The above chart is the exact solar return of the moment the first plane, American Airlines Flight 11, hit the South Tower of the WTC. Luna is only one arcminute past its return, which is indeed unusually precise. If we compare to the Metonic return of the 1993 WTC bombing, we find that Luna is well beyond her original posit:

The reason why one Metonic return can be more accurate than others is based upon where both bodies – the Sun and Moon – are within the eccentricities of their respective cycles. The Sun is very close to its “mean” apparent velocity in early September, and the Moon was also near its “mean.”

In any event, on to the interesting stuff.

It was gleaned early on that there was an “11” theme very prominent in the event. A “Flight 11”, on 9/11, crashed into one of a pair of buildings that were a kind of giant 11, and each of those buildings has 110 [above-ground] stories. The corporation that owned that airplane, American Airlines, abbreviates its name as AA, which numerologically is an 11. That’s some very clever terrorism!

The flight # of the plane that (we are told) hit the Pentagon was “Flight 77,” a multiple of 11. Of course, this could all just be coincidence. But, if not, what is the significance of the number 11 in our Western culture? Well, as it turns out, quite a bit! ÷

Mathematically, 11 is a prime number, divisible by only itself and 1. So what, you say? Most of us know how many feet are in a mile: 5,280. But, why are there 5,280 instead of some other more sensible number like 5,000? The answer is that 5,280 is divisible by the first five primes, excepting 7:

5280 ÷ 2 = 2640

5280 ÷ 3 = 1760

5280 ÷ 5 = 1056

5280 ÷ 7 = 754.2857142857143

5280 ÷ 11 = 480

The need to have a value that could be divisible by 11 is a bit obscure, but it goes back to the English Domesday measurement standards that defined land ownership boundaries, which were often measured by a “pole,” which was literally a stick that measured 16.5 feet. Two poles were therefore 33 feet, and so on, giving us:

5280 ÷ 16.5 = 320

5280 ÷ 33 = 160

Any farmer can tell you that 640 acres fit into one square mile, or 5,280 feet squared – 27,878,400 square feet, and thus an acre has 43,560 square feet. But, such tedious numbers are made less tedious by use of a yard, giving us a square mile equaling 3,097,600 square yards, and an acre being 4,840 square yards, which is 11 x 440, or 22 x 220. Two poles of 33 feet are therefore 11 yards, and the rest is academic, as the usual definition of an acre is “one chain by one furlong,” or 66 x 660 feet.

If this isn’t enough to make you bi-polar, the sides of a perfectly square acre are not a rational number, but instead 208.710325571113 feet. Yet, this just happened to be the dimensions of the footprints of both towers of the World Trade Center. The entire WTC complex was about 16 acres, so the Twin Towers occupied about 1/8 of the site.

What does this have to do with the terrorism? Well, I always like to ask, “How many coincidences before we see evidence of a design?”

Most astrologers know that the astrology chart for 9/11 has Mercury exactly on the ascendant, in the 15th degree of Libra, “trine” to Saturn in Gemini, and given the classical mythological motif of Mercury having wings and being “the Winged Messenger,” it is also the trickster in the Hermetic tradition, perhaps signaling us that might look more closely that 9/11 was indeed a trick.

Coincidences about not only at the WTC site, but also at the Pentagon. We know that Flight 77 was alleged to have been crashed into that edifice, but some other 77’s pop up as well.

The brightest star closest to the Sun on that morning was sigma Leonis, also known by its Flamsteed catalog number: 77 Leonis.

Additionally, the number 77 is inexorably tied to Washington DC itself, originally the “Federal City,” which was centered on the line of longitude of 77° West. While there are many theories as to secret reasons the First Congress chose this site over others it considered, it was known in some circles at that time as a special longitude, something that researcher and author Duncan Steel later coined as “God’s Longitude,” as “during the period from 1555 through 1879 the vernal equinox would always have occurred on March 21 in the Dee Calendar (using apparent solar time, as Dee did) if that calendar had been in use at longitude 77° W.”

What is this “Dee Calendar”? It is a calendar that inserts leap-years into a 8|33-year cycle, where leap years would occur in the 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, and 33 year of a repeating cycle. This was shown to be more accurate than what the Papacy adopted (thanks to the Jesuits): a 97|400-year cycle, where three of the century years would not have a leap day inserted every 400 years. (This is why 1900 was not a leap year but 2000 was.)

Practically, 77° of West longitude is about 90° distant from the longitude of Rome – 12°30′ East, and curiously, as David Ovason points out in his book, The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital, that the “hill” in “Capitol Hill,” also called “Jenkins Hill,” was once called “Rome” when it was deeded by a man named … incredibly … Francis Pope!

So, I dunno, Flight 77. 77° West longitude, 77 Leonis, is this all just coincidence, or is someone trying to tell us something about who really did this 9/11 trickery? Does it have to do with Resolution 77 from 1991? Who has this 77 fetish, and what does it mean? The seventh son of the seventh son? 70 times 7? 2002 ÷ 26 = 77?

I mean, could this have any kind of relation to the “7/7” bombings in London on July 7. 2005? (2+0+0+5 = 7, shhhh!) If we plug our classical exaltation fixed star points into the mix, we find that the Sun is at the Tropical equivalent of Jupiter’s exaltation (15° Cancer), Jupiter is at Mercury’s exaltation with the stars of Corvus, and Saturn’s exaltation star, Zubenelgenubi, is at the nadir:

And, we have a close conjunction of Mercury and Venus, which are somewhat rare; the pair are at about 77° azimuth at this moment. We’ll come back to this in Part II.

Back to the Pentagon … when Flight 77 did impact the building, the fixed star Spica (alpha Virginis) was almost precisely on the horizon:

Strangely, depending on what resource one consults, the time of this impact ranges from 9:37 am to 9:45 am of that day. The chart above is for 9:44:22, as this is the moment Spica rises at the Pentagon. In any event, the likely point of this is that the Sun is at 33° of altitude as Spica rises, and this is the only day of the year where this is the case at that location.

Why is Spica important in this scenario, and what does a 33° altitude of the Sun have to do with it? One possibility is a connection to the 33° of the USAnian brand of the Scottish Rite:

This masonic body is headquartered in Washington DC, just north of the White House, at 1733 16th Street. The origins of this masonic body date back to 1801 (200 years before 2001), in Charleston, South Carolina, on May 31:

On May 24, 1801, John Mitchell made the Reverend Frederick Dalcho (a Prussian, born in London) a Deputy Inspector General of the Order of the Royal Secret, and one week later, on May 31, “the Supreme Council of the 33d Degree for the United States of America, was opened . . . agreeably to the Grand Constitutions” in Charleston, South Carolina, with Col. Mitchell and Rev. Dalcho presiding.

This date is astrologically propitious as we find Jupiter co-rising with the fixed star Sirius, the “blazing star” that is the second Sun in masonic parlance:

So close is this local-space alignment that only 13 seconds separate Sirius and Jupiter from rising. Is this important? Well, when it came to building the existing temple in DC, we find this bit of history from the AASR’s site:

The Grand Commander set May 31, 1911, as the day for the ground-breaking for the new House of the Temple—the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Supreme Council in Charleston, South Carolina. At 9:00 am on the 31st, Richardson turned “the first spade of earth in the building of the new Temple” (1911 Transactions, p. 124). In attendance were several members of the Supreme Council and numerous photographers and newspaper correspondents to record the historic event.

Again, all these numerical and astrological coincidences – these terrorists were quite clever and well-researched!

Am I saying here that the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite 33° masons are behind the 9/11 attacks? Not at all! After all, why would the members of an organization that houses a Scottish Rite flag what was taken to the Moon, and then brought back, by none other than Buzz Aldrin, in 1969, get involved in some massive terror conspiracy?

It’s not like Freemasonry in the USA had a previous date of infamy on September 11 in 1826, or were involved in any other revolutions, financial scams involving the Vatican, or thuggery in law enforcement. But, guilt by association is hardly a proper way to do research.

The cornerstone of the AASR Temple in DC was laid on October 18, 1911, and while I do not know the precise time of the ceremony, we can look at a sky map for Spica rising:

Ahh, this looks familiar! A planet at 33° altitude and conjunct 77 Leonis shows up again. How much is 33 + 77?

So, to wrap up Part I, we can see that there are some astrological and numerological “coincidences” on 9/11 having to do with masonry, and to that end, we will next look at Venus’ astrological and numerological role in 9/11, and then tackle the intentionally-demolished Building 7.

I’m just gettin’ started!

– Ed

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