The Metonic Return of 9/11 – Part II

In Part I, I laid out some astrological and astro-numerological elements of the 9/11 event that I thought were both interesting and probably unknown to researchers.

9/11 was a crime, and as such, any good investigator would have to look at the means, motive, and opportunity of any possible suspects to determine who might be guilty. However, this is just a blog, and the only purpose for this is to raise awareness for my fellow astrologers and occultists.

I know that the topic of 9/11 has been beat to death over the last 19 years. I have seen the “truther” movement come and go without us getting any closer to solving the mystery of who did it. I have seen a complacency set in during the last 8 years or so, as time has moved on. But, the fact remains that this terrorist event has changed the political fabric of the world like none other, and therefore it is high time to take a fresh look at some things I have never mentioned before.

We left off in the last part with a nifty sky map for the date the AASR laid the cornerstone of their temple (not a lodge, but a temple) in Washington DC, which was October 18, 1911:

Which was compared to the time that “Flight 77” hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001:

It should be noted that October 18 of 1911 was an astrologically auspicious day with an exact opposition of Jupiter and Saturn, which we might draw like this:

Notice also that the two known “new” planets of Uranus and Neptune are in a wider opposition as well, but along the horizon, forming what we call a special “in mundo” square in the local-space grid. Such an alignment is important as it highlights a special circumstance at a topographic location. This is also called “parans”, though that is typically reserved for planet/fixed-star alignments in the local-space grid. More specifically, in the local-space grid, the meridian (0° and 180° azimuth) are “square” to the horizon line of 0° altitude. This screen shot of Sky Map Pro shows this a bit better:

The measurements (from Solar Fire) for the chart above are as follows, with the planets highlighted. The last four columns are important:

There are some other interesting things going on here, such as the contraparallel of declination between Sun and Moon, but most importantly, where have we seen a foundational Freemasonic chart with a Jupiter/Saturn opposition before this one? Well, you guessed it – right here on this blog!

Again, we have to ask, how many coincidences before we call it long-range planning? Are there really a crack team of specialized astrologers helping these Freemasons schedule their major events, and performing “elective astrology“? It sure seems that way, but does this mean a similar astrological “election,” or astrologically-timed moment for an event, was crafted for the events of 9/11? Well, let’s look at one bi-wheel:

We can see that the Ascendant of the Pentagon element of 9/11 is conjunct the Sun of the Temple cornerstone, and that 9/11 Saturn is opposite Temple cornerstone Part of Fortune, though we should remember that the Temple cornerstone chart is hypothetically timed to coincide with Jupiter and Saturn on the meridian. (We can also see that 9/11 Moon is conjunct Temple cornerstone Pluto, remembering that Pluto was unknown to the world in 1911).

We can also see that 9/11 Venus is square to Temple cornerstone Saturn, which reciprocates with 9/11 Saturn squaring Temple cornerstone Venus. Looking at the bi-wheel for the foundation of the AASR in Charleston in 1801 and 9/11, we again find a Venus/Saturn interaction, this time a precise conjunction:

An astute observer will note that the 110 years, 4 months and 17 days between the founding chart of 1801 and the Temple cornerstone chart of 1911 finds Saturn squaring itself, and I suppose that’s “on the square.” But, what should we make of Venus, which is supposed to be about the very opposite of terrorism? Is there something about some arcane belief about Venus that we are missing? Or, are we seeing a Venus that is being overpowered by Saturn in these circumstances?

To understand more clearly, we need to go back to the astro-symbolism bag. The only airplane impact to any building that was actually recorded clearly and often was Flight 175 hitting the South Tower of the WTC. Yet, this is the one event that has seemed to escape symbolic scrutiny. We do understand why Flight numbers “11” and “77” were symbolically chosen, but the “175” is a bit more cryptic – a bit more occult – as it is the “magic constant” of the “magic square” of Venus:

Without going into too much tedious detail about magic squares, it should be noted that each of the classical planets was given one of the first 7 orders of basic magic squares, sometime back in the early Renaissance, though the practice could date back to antiquity. The general rule is that the swifter the planet can be, the high order the magic square, thus:

Saturn = 3×3

Jupiter = 4×4

Mars = 5×5

Sun = 6×6

Venus = 7×7

Mercury = 8×8

Moon = 9×9

It should not be lost on us that Venus is the “77” square, and contains 49 boxes, with the sum of all the numbers being 175 x 7, or 1225. Are the any other Venusian symbols in the elements of 9/11? Why, yes:

Venus does indeed have a connection to things with five points, or pentagons and pentacles, and it has to do with its synodic cycle: if one plots every other Sun/Venus conjunction around the zodiac, an approximate five-pointed star appears.

So, there is another facet to a “77” crashing into a Venusian-shaped edifice that sits at 77° West longitude. And, again, recalling that the groundbreaking day for the Pentagon was September 11, 1941, we find that 144° separates the Venus positions of the AASR 1801 chart and the Pentagon 1941 chart: 01°47′ Gemini and 25°54′ Libra, respectively.

By now, you should be thinking, “The Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda buddies were some kinds of amazing geniuses with all this astrology and symbolism accompanying their brazen plans to wage war on civilization.”

I know this is still a bit of a sore subject for many people, especially anyone who lost a loved one on that day, or got injured, or ended up with pulmonary fibrosis from breathing in all the toxic dust at Ground Zero, or had to fight in the two wars that came about afterward. I just want some justice for all of that, because I’m tired of Machiavellianism running our lives.

There’s still a Part III to this, so hold off before you sharpen up those pitchfork tines.

– Ed

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