The Metonic Return of 9/11 – Part III

If you have read Parts I and II, you are now ready to digest the most brazen part of the 9/11 fraud: Building 7.

I find it interesting that, all these years later, most folks I talk to don’t know about the collapse of Building 7 on 9/11. “There was a third building that collapsed, really? I never knew that!” But, this is excusable when we realize that Oprah never did a show about it.

If you require a primer on the this building, formally known as “7 World Trade Center,” here it is.

Briefly, Building 7 is the only skyscraper in the history of the universe to collapse due to some minor interior fires and some minor cosmetic damage to its exterior. Its collapse has been the subject of much controversy, and perhaps a central proof of the fraud that is 9/11, according to just about every 9/11 truther.

The NIST was tasked with the official forensic investigation into the collapse, and though they were denied any kind of inspection of any kind of physical evidence, they proceeded to construct an official explanation of the most unlikely building collapse in the history of the universe (well, the universe as we know it, of course… duh!) and published it on Joe Biden’s birthday. In 2008(!!!!!)

I’m going to cut to the quick here. The central argument of the NIST findings for why this building collapsed at free-fall speed has to do with a particular vertical column of the building that they labeled “Column 79”:

The computer-generated cartoon of Column 79 failing is shown in the report as thus:

Column 79 (of 81 total) is located here:

Again, a GIF of the collapse:

I’d like to say here that, surprisingly, I am not an MIT engineering grad, and that I am in no way able to discuss the finer points of steel building construction and demolition, or mass versus inertia, or any of that scientific and technological mumbo-jumbo. I am here only to discuss the astrological mumbo-jumbo. So, if you are looking for an argument about the allegations of this cartoonish NIST report, you will not get it here.

What I will say is that a keen observer of astrological dynamics will automatically focus on the “79” in this report, and then say, “Oh, holy fuck.”

That’s because 79 is the Mars number. More specifically, 79 is the ancient “Goal-Year” number for Mars, as the ancients figured out that Mars and the Sun will return to whatever posit they started from every 79 years. In other words, if you know what zodiacal position Mars is in today, you can also know where it was on this day 79 years ago, and where it will be on this day 79 years from now.

Why is this important in 9/11 studies? Because 9/11 is the anniversary of a very important day in the history of Israel: The Palestine Mandate, or what eventually became known in Zionist circles as the “British Betrayal.”

The Palestine Mandate, which went into force on September 11, 1922, exactly 79 years before 9/11/2001, was a League of Nations effort to resolve the post-war dismantling of the Ottoman Empire, and create a Zionist State out of annexed territory for European Jews who had been persecuted in numerous places, from the Ukraine to Germany to Italy. It was based on the victorious British Balfour Declaration, which was a promise to Theodor Herzl’s Zionist Council to do just that – create a de-facto Jewish State, with the Brits as protectorate.

The “betrayal” part of it had multiple causes, but it could be argued that the biggest part was that the amount of land to be included in the protectorate was greatly diminished from what was originally promised.

To generalize, it is this moment in which pretty much all of our modern Middle East problems emanate. It took another World War to finally create a global body that could settle the question of giving the Zionists a truly autonomous State of their own, but it should be mentioned that it took acts of terrorism against the British Army that was still occupying Palestine in 1948 to finally wrest control of the territory for David Ben-Gurion, who, in May of 1948, proclaimed the State of Israel.

So, yes, “Column 79.” Perhaps it’s a Fifth Column?

Astrologically, Mars has much to do with 9/11. As I have pointed out, Mars has a distinct 79-year cycle, and Martian astro-phenomena can be predicted easily with this cycle. For instance, we can predict that a Sun/Mars conjunction will recur in the same place in the zodiac every 79 years, give or take a few days. We can also plot out other Earth/Mars inter-orbital parameters, such as dates that Earth and Mars make a “close pass,” meaning that the two planets are at a minimum distance from one another.

And, we can also plot things like retrograde periods, which means we can plot out extreme retrograde periods where Mars ventures into extreme declinations, or “ex-dec” situations.

In terms of real astrology, such ex-dec retrogrades are also situations where Mars is “torqueing” the inner planetary realm the most, and that translates into, theoretically, extreme behaviors amongst humans. Humans are the most psychologically sensitive to planetary cycles, and therefore, collectively, humans are bound to act similarly during certain astronomical periods. This is how trends and mass movements are thought to manifest.

Therefore, it only stands that the most extreme periods of interplanetary motion can cause the most extreme responses from the collective.

We, as a collective, are much more susceptible to Martian phenomena because, in my humble opinion, Mars’ very eccentric orbit, combined with the Earth’s severe inclination within the solar system, provide the most chaotic torque in the system, second only to that of the Moon.

A somewhat unknown fact about the Earth is that it has the greatest inclination of all the planets in the system when the entire inertial mass of the solar system is averaged out. Couple that with Mars’ eccentricities, and we have a formula for plenty of violence and war. It’s not just humans, either. Most animated life is in some state of violent competition with other forms of life, and it’s eat or be eaten.

Thankfully, we have Jupiter, the ruler of evolution itself, to balance things out and allow for progress – the kind of progress that allows me to sit in some climate-controlled office on a computer where I can type my little heart away and post it to the interwebs without being hunted by a T-Rex, or a grizzly. (Fatal Attraction is still a worry, though.)

Back to Mars. If we plot out Mars on a graphic ephemeris, which is rather easy on Solar Fire, we can see that it behaves differently than the other planets. Below is a comparison of Mars and Venus, and their respective latitudinal values (ecliptic) over a 50-year period:

Latitude of Mars, 1951 through 2001.
Latitude of Venus, 1951 through 2001.

We can see from this comparison that, even though Venus has more abrupt latitudinal spikes, Mars has a more erratic and disharmonious pattern. We can also see that Mars will dive deeper into south latitudes than north, whereas Venus’ variations are less extreme.

Looking at declinations, which is where we can find other periods of extreme torque on the Earth, Mars does some similar acrobatics:

Mars declination, 1921 through 1930.
Mars declination, 2001 through 2010.

A comparison of these two graphs reveals that Mars makes similar treks at 79-year intervals, as would be expected with our 79-year rule. A closer look reveals that not all peaks and troughs are smooth curves. The two troughs in 1922 and 2001 have somewhat rough curves, and are both more than two degrees greater in value than the average peak and trough.

The astronomical term for the peaks and troughs of a declinational curve is a “standstill,” and the standstills in 1922 and 2001 are more prolonged than in other years, and these tend to make the turn northward in September of both years. The big question is, then: were the planners of 9/11 knowledgeable of this, and could this have been factored into any elective astrology that might have been used?

It’s basically a rhetorical question at this point because we are never going to find out who was really responsible for the technical planning for the operation. In the truther movement, there were basically two camps – the MIHOP and the LIHOP, for “Made it happen on purpose” versus “Let it happen on purpose,” in terms of the USA’s intel services. The MIHOP crowd thinks that 9/11 was devised, planned, and carried out by some yet-unnamed cabal in what we now call the “deep state,” while the MIHOP crowd thinks that Osama and Al Qaeda planned and carried out the operation, and that our intel services knew about it, and let it happen anyway, for whatever reason.

Setting aside all the other theories about how the twin towers collapsed, if indeed WTC 7 was brought down by explosives, the MIHOP scenario is much more likely. If, as NIST claims, the building was so poorly constructed and fragile that a few small fires could cause a total structural failure, well, lucky lucky terrorists again.

While I am hardly equipped to challenge the chapter and verse of the NIST report, it is my contention that the report’s dependence on “Column 79,” and the theoretical acrobatics used to focus on this column, constitute a big “FU” to the public.

Some of the minds out there that are able to challenge the NIST report have gathered and demanded a new investigation. What we also need is a new and vigorous criminal investigation of those who benefitted from 9/11 and profited off of the so-called “War on Terror,” and this includes the three major intel services from Israel to the UK to Langley to Foggy Bottom to Kinnebunkport. The only reason we have this hyper-surveillance state now is because of 9/11. Millions of innocent souls have perished since then, and many many millions more have had their lives and livelihoods shattered.

But, hey, oh well. Mongo just pawn in game of life. I see that Slate published an article on “Forensic Astrology” this month. I wonder if Pythia Serpentis might give this a go? In a sense, we are all like the family of a murdered person of which the perpetrator has not been caught. It’s a big part of our mass psychoses to this day, as we simply don’t have proper answers. There is still a monster out there, free to do more monstrosities. We all know this, and we all have turned on one another in some sense.

It sucks.

– Ed

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