The Ritual Date of 3/22

More “high strangeness” from the astrological world this last week has prompted a new blog entry. On 3/22/21, a young man went on a shooting rampage in Boulder, Colorado. We now know the person is of Syrian birth, but grew up in the USA. We also know he is a bit of a loner, a social misfit, and also suffered from paranoia.

I had this particular topic on the backburner two years ago, after watching some basketball on TV when the “Breaking News” interrupted the game to report that Robert Mueller had submitted his report on Russian meddling in the 2016 Trump campaign for president.

What a wonderfully symbolic date for the report to be submitted to the veteran Attorney General William Barr, who had served under George H. W. Bush in the 90’s, and who had orchestrated the pardons of the Bush Administration to thwart justice in the Iran-Contra scandal.

Why is this date symbolic? It is a “code” date for the mysterious number “322” associated with the Skull & Bones society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, which boasts three generations of Bushes – Prescott Bush, George H. W. Bush, and George “Dubya” Bush.

The society also boasts other well-known blue-blood political figures, such as William F. Buckley Jr, William Taft, John Kerry, Henry Luce, and many others too numerous to clog up this blog. Also, it has been noted that Skull & Bones alums have had a major presence in the CIA.

If there is any redeeming quality of Donald Trump, it is that he thwapped down the candidacy of Jeb Bush in 2016, and with that made fools of the Bush dynasty. The Bushes had pretty much owned the GOP since the 1970’s, and certainly during the Reagan years when H. W. was running the serious part of the show since 1982.

Thus, we could envision that a good G-man Republican like Mueller, who had much more loyalty to Bush and Obama, would tell us in a symbolic gesture that his Report would land in the hands of Barr on the 3/22 date.

March Madness, indeed!

In any event, just two years later, we are rid of Trump, but still have all the same problems, including mass shootings. As an astro-investigator, the first thing I do when an impactful (and potentially synthetic) event like this happens is to do up two charts. The first one is done in a sky mapping program, and I still like to use SkyMap Pro, as it’s old school and parses out the data and graphics without fluff. Then I do up a standard astrology wheel, and compare the two.

It has been reported that the Boulder event began just before the first 911 call was placed at 2:40 PM. A quick look at the sky for Boulder at that moment shows that the fixed star Sirius is rising and exactly on the horizon at precisely 2:40 PM. What are the odds of that, given how prominent Sirius placements are in the history of ritual astrology in the English and USA continuum.

The graphic below shows the array of constellations over Boulder at the time of that call. We are facing east, and the horizon line is labeled. The large black dot that is on the horizon line above the words “Canis Major” is Sirius, the Dog Star, the brightest star in our sky.

We can also see that Mars is aligned with the alpha star in Taurus called Aldebaran, and that the Moon is in Gemini (the circle with the line through it just underneath the word “Gemini”).

What are the odds that the brightest star in the sky was exactly on the horizon for the biggest event of the day? Well, something had to be on the horizon, right? One coincidence does not solve an astro-gnomical theory.

In order to delve further and not be sent into the corner with a tin-foil dunce cap, we might ask if there are any other connections to this date, and we find that in the date for the creation of the Arab League in 1945.

The Arab League was instigated by the Brits in 1942 in order to bolster their side against the Germans in World War II. Representatives from six Arab nations met in Alexandria in 1944 and hashed out a pact for cooperation that was signed on March 22, 1945, in Cairo. Member states had to ratify before membership was official, but that was all just a formality.

Membership in the Arab League grew to 22 nations, though in 2011, during the Arab Spring, Syria was put on indefinite suspension from membership privileges.

In any event, 3/22/2021 was the 76th anniversary of the Arab League. A keen astrologer would pick up on the importance of this number of years, as it is exactly four (4) Metonic returns of 19 years.

The Metonic Cycle of 19 years is defined as the number of years it takes for the Sun and Moon to return to their respective places in the zodiac, within a degree or two. I have discussed this in other blog entries here.

If we chart these two dates astrologically, we can see that the Sun and Moon have indeed returned to nearly their same location, but there are some more interesting alignments as well:

I chose the time of 1:17 PM for the Arab League not because it is historically precise, but rather because that is the moment Sirius was on the eastern horizon at Cairo on that date.

What can we see that is interesting? For one, Arab League Jupiter at 21 Virgo is being opposed by Boulder Event Neptune at 21 Pisces, which is flanked by Jupiter at 21 Aquarius and MC at 21 Aries, in a classic Yod formation.

I pointed out that Mars was aligned with Aldebaran, to less than one degree, and interestingly the Arab League Uranus is within a degree of Aldebaran, which registered at 9°00′ Gemini back then. (It is now 10°04′ Gemini due to precession.) It is somewhat well-known in astro/history circles that Uranus was aligned with Aldebaran during the USA’s Revolutionary War; when Uranus was discovered in 1781, its position could be back-casted to 1775, and the conjunction of it and Aldebaran known. (Later, Uranus was given a revolutionary astrological context for this association with the Revolutionary War.)

Uranus has an orbit of about 84 years, and so it had returned to Aldebaran for the USA Civil War in the 1860’s, and then again toward the end of World War II. It will make its third return in 2028, so get your bomb shelters ready.

Isolating the Arab League chart, we find that there are an unusual amount of planet/fixed-star conjunctions:

  • Mars = iota Aquarius (opposite star of Regulus)
  • Venus = Sharatan, beta star of Aries
  • Uranus = Aldebaran, alpha star of Taurus
  • Pluto = Asellus Australis, the central star of Cancer
  • Lunar Node = Sirius
  • Moon = Pollux (not shown)

Seriously, though, and back to Sirius, if the conspiracy nutters are correct, and some of these “meant to shock you” events are indeed somehow orchestrated, there is some astrology to back it up, if we draw some casual connections. For it to all work, though, we have to believe that there is some unit in the CIA (or some similar group) that has the capacity to control vulnerable people and make them do atrocities. The person who did the Boulder atrocity does seem to fit the profile.

I mean, maybe there really were people following him around and fucking with him, and conditioning him to be “triggered” into doing something at the proper ritual moment to serve the aims of some larger agenda. That was the whole point of MKUltra, and the cultivation of patsies who apparently walk among us. No doubt, this terrorizing event has everything – gun control laws, an Arab immigrant from Syria, “322,” and the college that is arguably ground zero for the legalization of weed.

I’ll have to leave this topic dangling for a bit, though, as some thought has to be given to whether the cabal from Skull & Bones and the OSS are the background force behind the Arab League. They certainly were there at the time.

– Ed

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