A Bit More on the Astrology of the Arab League

My little career in astrology has been mostly about exploring the theory that the craft has been, and continues to be used by the upper echelons of power to ritually time events. I’ve mostly looked at this through the lens of my own cultural milieu, which is the realm of the USA, the UK, and the West in general, but mostly through the Anglo world.

So, when it comes to the formation and creation of institutions like the Arab League, which was instigated and shepherded by the Anglo fiefdom, it should come as no surprise that we would find some pretty obvious evidence that, indeed, some “elective” astrology is going on.

In the last post on this topic, I guessed at a time of day for the Pact the Arab League’s negotiating partners signed on March 22, 1945, in order to cast a preliminary chart. I chose a time with the star Sirius rising, which makes sense as this happened in Cairo, in the land of the ancient Pharaohs who used Sirius (Sothis) to keep their calendar. Here is the chart, and I have added, on the extra ring, some fixed stars:

She = Sheretan; Ple = the Pleiades; Ald = Aldebaran; Sir = Sirius; Plx = Pollux; AsA = Asellus Australis;
77L = Sigma Leonis; Ant = Antares; the glyph at 26° Sagittarius is the Galactic Center; iAQ is iota Aquarii.

We also know that the Arab League, after having their Pact ratified by enough member states, commenced operations as an institution on May 16, 1945. For this chart, I chose a sunrise time, as this is the date that the Sun co-rises with the Pleiades in the local-space grid:

This sky map view shows the Sun co-rising with the Pleiades.
(I forgot to set the time to DST, so it will show as an hour before the astrology chart.)

The astrology chart is as follows:

Here we can see that planetary positions have changed over the course of 56 days, though Pluto is still on the center of Cancer (AsA), and Jupiter has retrograded, and then stationed prograde, and is conjunct the fixed star “Sigma Leonis,” or 77 Leonis, which is the back leg of the Lion in the constellational figure. 77 Leonis is also the only other visible star in Leo that is close to the ecliptic.

Also, we can see that the Moon has returned to exactly the same place between the two Arab League charts:

In fact, two complete sidereal lunar returns have taken place, with the Moon returning to a conjunction with Pollux – one of the Gemini twins. I submit here that this simply cannot be coincidental.

Furthermore, the latitude of Cairo and the Great Pyramid, which is about 30° of latitude north of the equator, has a special paran between the Pleiades and Spica, the alpha star of Virgo; the Sun here means it has a local-space aspect to both the Pleiades and Spica, and also Pluto and Asellus Australis:

Shown here is Pluto and Asellus Australis on the 0° azimuth line (north line)
and Spica on the 270° azimuth line (west line).
The Moon at right is shown conjunct Pollux in Gemini.

We also know that a major WWII event happened between March 22 and May 16 of 1945, that being the reported suicide of Adolph Hitler on April 30, and the surrender of Germany on May 7 through May 9. A rare conjunction of Mercury and Venus – a Shekinah – partiled on May 1 of 1945, and it was visible in constellation Pisces in the pre-dawn sky:

Getting back to the question proposed in my last blog post … why would the Allied Powers of WWII, though the OSS, want to create an Arab League? The answer, practically, lies in what resources the Arab nations could contribute to the Allied effort, and mostly, that comes down to OIL.

The Axis powers relied heavily on oil from the Middle East and North Africa in WWII. When Churchill was brought in to manage the war for the UK, his first impulse was not to go directly through France (an ally) to beat back the Germans, but to subdue and conquer the Axis powers in North Africa, and then push northward through Italy and into Germany.

I’m not a professor of WWII strategy, but this seemingly counterintuitive effort by Churchill is a reality, and when the USA finally got around to invading the Vichy lands in 1944, in what is known as “D-Day,” the juggernaut from the Mediterranean had already been moving, and the two fronts could converge with the Soviets into the heart of Germany in 1945.

Whatever you may think of the Arab League, they were essential to securing the peace in 1945. After the war was over and the peace was being implemented, the Allies enjoyed the benefits of access to Arab resources, and this continues to this very day.

The question of how the Arab League responded to the Zionists in Palestine is worthy of another blog post, and that will come. It should be said, though, that the Anglo continuum has been playing both sides against the middle in the Middle East ever since.

Our original quest here was to decipher the event of the seemingly random and senseless Boulder mass murder on March 22, 2021, and these blogs serve to ask some interesting questions.

But, one more observation remains, and that is the conjunction of Jupiter to 77 Leonis. Where have we seen this particular star prominent in an act of terrorism before?

9/11/2001, of course!

This is the star that the Sun was conjunct on 9/11 (converting to sidereal zodiac):

Do I think that the Arab League has anything to do with 911? Certainly not, but we do know that some people want us to think that Arabs had everything to do with 911, even though it was physically impossible.

So, what is behind all of this? More to come, I hope…

– Ed

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