May Day: Beltane, the Illuminati, George Washington, the 33, and then Mars

History tells us that a man named Adam Weishaupt founded the “Illuminati” (or at least some version of something like it?) on May 1, 1776, at Ingolstadt, Bararia. The choice of date was certainly not accidental, as the 1st day of May in the Holy Roman Empire was the (Roman) calendarized observance of the first day of “summer.” Here is a chart (using the Fagan sidereal zodiac that has Aldebaran at 15° Taurus), though not officially timed, but timed for the conjunction of the Moon and the fixed star Spica:

I’m only using the known planets in the year 1776, and we can see that the Moon and Jupiter are in a “trine” aspect, which is thought to be very fortunate. We can also see that those fixed stars Jupiter is with are the belt stars of Orion – Mintaka (Min), Alnilam (Alm), and Alnitak (Atk). That a mythological male hunting figure and a mythological female harvest figure are anchored by stars that are in a trine is not an accident either, and we can imagine that Weishaupt, being a bit of an occultist, may have been making a point, if anyone cared to look.

The month of Maius in the Roman calendar is based on Maia, the goddess of growth, and though the Romans spelled Maia similarly as the deity of Maia who was the mother of Hermes and one of the Pleiades, so there is some affinity with the the characters.

13 years after Weishaupt’s creation, we find the new USA’s federal government inaugurating their first president, George Washington, on what is not basically Wall Street in New York City, in the early afternoon (times are disputed in the wacky world of astrology); the next day, May 1, 1789, was the first day that both the legislature and the executive branches began the work of governing.

Using a time of about 1 PM, we find the Pleiades (Maia & Co.) are on the midheaven, and Regulus is rising, which one could suppose is proper for a Chief Executive. The symbolism here is both clear and obvious.

Were any of the ideals of the new republic based on anything Weishaupt was promulgating, and were any of those ideals original with Weishaupt? More importantly, were there any strong connections between the Jesuit and Freemason (!!) Weishaupt and the revolutionary Deists who managed the war and established the governmental designs of the USA? The Catholic Encyclopedia gives this account of what Weishaupt was up to with the ideals of his fraternity:

“…the real object of the Illuminati the elaboration and propagation of a new popular religion and, in the domain of politics, the gradual establishment of a universal democratic republic. In this society of the future everything, according to Weishaupt, was to be regulated by reason. By “enlightenment” men were to be liberated from their silly prejudices, to become “mature” or “moral”, and thus to outgrow the religious and political tutelage of Church and State, of “priest and prince”. Morals was the science which makes man “mature”, and renders him conscious of his dignity, his destiny, and his power. The principal means for effecting the “redemption” was found in unification, and this was to be brought about by “secret schools of wisdom”. These “schools”, he declares, “were always the archives of nature and of the rights of man; through their agency, man will recover from his fall; princes and nations, without violence to force them, will vanish from the earth; the human race will become one family, and the world the habitation of rational beings. Moral science alone will effect these reforms ‘imperceptibly’; every father will become, like Abraham and the patriarchs, the priest and absolute lord of his household, and reason will be man’s only code of law” (“Nachtr.”, p. 80 sq.; repeated verbatim in Knigge, “Die neuesten Arbeiten”, p. 38). This redemption of mankind by the restoration of the original “freedom and equality” through “illumination” and universal charity, fraternity, and tolerance, is likewise the true esoteric doctrine of Christ and his Apostles. Those in whom the “illuminating” grace of Christ is operative (cf. Hebrews 6:4) are the “Illuminati”. The object of pure (i.e. illuminated) Freemasonry is none other than the propagation of the “enlightenment” whereby the seed of a new world will be so widely scattered that no efforts at extirpation, however violent, will avail to prevent the harvest (“Nachtr.”, pp. 44, 118; “Die neuesten Arb.”, pp. 11, 70). Weishaupt later declared (Nachtrag zu meiner Rechtfertigung, 77 sqq., 112 sqq.) that Masonry was the school from which “these ideas” emanated.

The “secret schools of wisdom” part o this is key here, and the kind of astrology we are seeing here is not the typical faire that we find in the popular astrological press. It is rather a sort of special code that allows us to see the signatures, or dare I say the Mason’s Mark, using the start-timing of events. This is, in my view, a ritualistic use of astrology to encode messages about events from one part of the oligarchical (feudal) world to the others.

For the commencement of the Federal Union’s government with the inertial two of the three branches being occupied, we have this chart, and I am just guestimating the time of day, as it could have been earlier:

Here we can see that the planet Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star Procyon, which is the bright star in Canis Minor, or Sirius’ smaller counterpart. We might expect Jupiter to transit through 13 zodiac signs in 13 years, and here we are.

Why is Procyon important? If we go back to the events in Philadelphia in 1776, and take note of when the Continental Congress’ votes on Independence (as per the Lee Resolution) were cast, we find that the first vote was intended for July 1, but there was not a quorum. The vote of the quorum on July 2 was enough to pass the resolution and take the next step of approving the Declaration of Independence, and on this date the Sun was conjunct Sirius, the “blazing star” of the local Masonic orders.

The vote on the 2nd was not truly unanimous, however, as the delegation from New York had yet to receive instructions from the colony on how to vote. On the day they did, the 15th, the Sun was conjunct Procyon, and the Congress could truly say that every colony was in agreement. (It was not until July 19 that the Congress ordered the phrase “The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America.”)

As it happens, there was a new moon exactly on Procyon (Pcn) that day (the Mercury glyph is next to the tick where the lunation is at 01°52′ Cancer):

The biwheel below shows that the Presidency began on a Jupiter transit of the new moon of the day New York (the state) cast its affirmative vote for Independence and Confederation.

And, to tie in the last blog on the Shekinah at the demise of Hitler, we have this:

Back to the date itself, some simple math tells us that we are 1/3 of the way through the year at the end of April, and thus 33.3% of the year has passed. When the city that bears his name was designed, a prominent feature was the two great avenues that radiate out westward from the Capitol building – Pennsylvania Avenue and Connecticut Avenue. The angle between those two streets is 39° (3 x 13), and each street has an angle to the east-west parallel of 19.5°.

The sine of 19.5° is .333…

There are more 19.5’s around the Capitol. The “Statue of Freedom” that sits atop the Capitol dome is 19.5′ tall. We inaugurate our Presidents at precisely noon on January 20, which is 19.5 days into the new year.

The big monument at the center of the town that was named after him that bears his name is, we are told, 555’5.25″ tall. If we take the implied height as 555.55… feet, we find that this is the same ratio as is the “33” in the sexagesimal system:

  • 55.555… ÷ 100 = .555…
  • 33.333… ÷ 60 = .555…

Following this number magic, any object in the heavens at an altitude of 19.5° would, for that topocentric location, mean that the sine of that object’s tetrahedral measures .333… As it happens, that is precisely the altitude of Sirius at the moment “Mars 2020” blasted off with the Perseverance rover and its prototype helicopter:

This is the view looking ESE from Cape Canaveral at the moment of launch, and we can see Sirius at 19.5° altitude. (The 0° curve that is nearly horizontal which touches the bottom of the arrow is the horizon.) As of today, May 1, 2021, Perseverance has been on Mars for 72 days.

What does this have to do with George Washington? As it happens, Sirius is also at an altitude of 19.5° at 1 PM over New York City on April 30, 1789. Is there a deeper mystery regarding Mars and the long-term quest of the Masonic brotherhoods? It sure seems that way, and in the next little jaunt here we will explore how NASA is fulfilling that goal.

– Ed

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