Just One More on the Bonesmen, the Arab League, and the End of World War II, but then some Jesus!

In the last two entries on this venerable blog, I danced around the edges of the Boulder, CO mass shooting and the Arab League, noting that they are both connected to a special “ritual” date of March 22 – it being the date the damning Mueller Report was submitted to the USA AG, and also that the curious number “322” is associated with the equally peculiar secret society called “Skull and Bones” at Yale.

Before this begins looking like a tackboard in back bedroom at John Forbes Nash’s house, I would remind my dear readers that this blog is not about making grand conclusions about how things go down in the world, but rather it is about pointing up certain nodes in the web of history that help hold things together in the wind.

I could have brought up the fact that the earliest date in the year Easter may fall, according the Vatican’s computing rules, is March 22. There are only 35 possible calendar dates that Easter can happen, and since the very first one in 326 AD, it has fallen on March 22 14 times. The last year that happened was 1818, and the next is 2285.

Do I think that the earliest possible date of Easter has anything to do with the early Skull and Bones patriarchs choosing “322” as a numero-mancical moniker? I have no idea, and probably not, as the pseudo-official impetus behind the “322” is that it is the year (BCE) that the orator Demosthenes died, but I suspect that, like all venerable symbolism, it operates on many different levels, and can be tossed around symbolically as a sort of “calling card” to taunt us.

One thing we can say with certainty is that Skull and Bones was created during an era when collegiate fraternities flourished, filling a fraternal void left by the quick demise of almost every Freemasonic club in the USA.

Fraternal groups like the Masons and the Greeks are, in some sense, designed to not only perpetuate the group itself, but to do so by extending economic and social connections out in the profane world. As is know with Skull and Bones, those tentacles have stretched out into the clandestine operations of our Federal government – the CIA, and before that, the OSS. It is with the OSS that we glimpse the operatives behind the creation of the Arab League in 1944-5.

It would be unwise to downplay the important roles that the Arab, Turkic, and Persian realms played in both world wars. The reasons are too numerous and detailed to go into here, but control over the Caspian and Mediterranean seas was important, and then the supply of the stuff that kept the tanks and airplanes moving – petrolium.

As 1945 began, it was becoming clear that the Allies were going to win the war, and so aligning with the winners would be wise for the nations making up the Arab League.

Which brings us the April of 1945, when the squeeze on Berlin was about to end the war in Europe. We are told that Hitler committed suicide in a bunker underneath the city on April 30, which just happened to be the 156th anniversary of the inauguration of the USA’s George Washington in 1789. April 30 is also, of course, the eve of Beltane, which is the revered first day of “summer” in pagan Europe, also known as May Day. In a sense, it was a fitting date for the dark winter of Nazism to perish in the chthonic realm of some stagnant bunker.

It was only a matter of days before the Germans formally surrendered. But, there is one thing I had not realized about May 1 of 1945, and it is an astrological thing – it was the date of a Mercury/Venus conjunction.

Most people, astrologers or not, know that Mercury and Venus are closer to the Sun than the Earth, and so it might be easy to guess that these two planets form conjunctions quite often. However, that is not necessarily the case. In fact, Mercury/Venus conjunctions that are visible to the naked eye are somewhat rare, and when they do happen, they can last for many days.

For instance, Mercury makes a conjunction with the Sun about six times every year, but only conjoins with Venus half that many times. Of those, less than half will be visible outside of the Sun’s aura. Mercury is far less bright than Venus, and so it needs to be many degrees separated from the Sun to be visible.

Given that Venus has always been an important astrological light, anticipating a stint where she is close to, and conjunct with, Mercury, was a bit of a big deal. It was so much of a big deal in Judaic realms in antiquity that alt-historians Christopher Knight and Alan Butler based a good chunk of Solomon’s Power Brokers on a thesis that the calculated “returns” of Mercury/Venus conjunctions in Capricorn were directly related to the foundations of both of Solomon’s Temples.

The word they use to describe these conjunctions is “shekinah,” though it is thought that any conjunction of Venus to another planet (not the Sun or Moon) could be called a shekinah. The genesis of the term is historically only related to Venus in the most vague terms, as it is feminine. I’m not here to aggravate any rabbis, either.

However, we do have a Mercury/Venus conjunction on May 1 of 1945, and this is significant, perhaps, as the destruction of the Nazi menace gave way to the creation of the State of Israel.

As I mentioned earlier, some Mercury/Venus conjunctions can last for many days. If we consider a conjunction to be “exact” within an orb of 1°, such a conjunction can last for as many as 12 days, and sometimes the two lights can be very close in latitude as well.

The conjunction in 1945 was “exact” for maybe four days, from April 30 through May 3. Where have we seen some other, much longer-lasting conjunctions?

Look who came back in 2020 to make the worst year ever all the more worse?

One that comes to mind is the big release of Microsoft’s operating system called “Windows XP.” (It sure was nice of Rudy to take time out of his busy post-9/11 duties to hang out with Bill Gates, eh!?) That visible conjunction was “exact” for 12 days, from October 27 through November 7. And, while Microsoft tells us that the “XP” stands for “eXPerience,” I tend to think it has something to do with the Chi-Rho that became synonymous with Jesus and Christianity with Constantine. (In all fairness, XP was a damn good OS compared to the usual disasters Microsoft has released. I still keep an old PC with it around to run Solar Fire and SkyMap more smoothly.)

So, “Windows Jesus Edition.”

The “real” Jesus, though, if there was one, may have been born – not on December 25 – but instead at some other time of the year. The theologian Ernest L. Martin Ph.D penned a book about the so-called “Star of Bethlehem” that a group of “magi” were interested in, as reported in the book of Matthew in the bible. “The Star That Astonished The World” promulgates a theory that Jesus was quite likely born in September of 3 BC – specifically on September 11 of that year.

As it happens, there was a “shekinah” that lasted for 13 days in 3 BC, from August 22 through September 3, after which both lights immerse into the aura of the Sun. September 11 of that year is the date the first crescent of the new moon is visible at sunset. Martin lays this out, astrognomically, in Chapter 5. The important thing here is that this all happened in Virgo, the Virgin, of which our saviour-hero was birthed, according to the legend.

The Uranus/Pluto opposition is just icing on the holy cake!

Unfortunately for us, there is more evidence that both Bill Gates and Rudy Giuliani exist than does the Christ, but don’t tell that to the My Pillow guy. Rudy ended up being a Man For All Four Seasons parking lots in the city of our founding documents, so there’s that.

I’ll have lots more to say on the Jesustrology in the future, and now that we have a Catholic president here in the USA, it will be all the more PXhilarating.

– Ed

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