Masonic Astronomy and the Saint Louis Gateway Arch

Masonic Astronomy and the Saint Louis Gateway Arch

… this is one from 20 years ago that attempts to connect Freemasonic symbolism and the Gateway Arch, via what I call “ritual” and/or “Masonic” astrology. The graphics are primitive, and some of the links are bad, but the gist of the work is still relevant, maybe.

Photo courtesy of and © Robert F. Arteaga, JNEM.

Part 1 – A Modern Masonic Monument

One of the most awe-inspiring monuments in the USA is the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. Built in the early 1960’s, this towering structure was an engineering feat of no small order; to this day it is the tallest monument in America, and second only to the Eiffel Tower in Paris in height. Standing on the grounds of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, located on the riverfront of downtown St. Louis, this elegant steel glissade dominates the skyline of the oldest European city in the Midwest. Visitors from around the world marvel at the grandeur of this mega-structure of steel. When approaching St. Louis from Illinois over the Mississippi river, the Arch stands out as a giant. The design is timeless in its simplicity, regal in its play on light, modern in its form, but perhaps the thing I recall most about how it made me feel when I first saw it as a youngster was the playful sense of comfort that it suggested to me – strength of steel cast into a delicate curve of harmless beauty.

Beyond this technological and architectural triumph lies a monument tied to a much deeper symbolic setting that connects Thomas Jefferson, westward expansion, and the Louisiana Purchase into a wider historic reality that is Masonic in both spirit and measure. Great monuments of this stature tell us more than what is visible on the surface; they also represent “where” and “when” we are — both physically on the face of the Earth as well as in our cultural evolution — and thus are testaments to the values of our society’s political craftsmen. As we will see, this monument is a marker of both time and space, anchored into the ground by visionaries that have kept a sacred geometric and geophysical astrology alive for centuries in hopes of freeing mankind of tyranny and oppression.

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