Was William Shakespeare a Taurus, or was a Taurus Shakespeare?

Was William Shakespeare a Taurus, or was a Taurus Shakespeare?

2023 is the 400th anniversary of the First Folio, the common name for the extensive tome entitled Mr. William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies.

It was published posthumously, as we are told Mr. Shakespeare died in 1616, on April 23. There is no record of his date of birth, though it was thought that it could have been around April 23, as the story of Shakespeare’s death involves a night of libations, perhaps celebrating his birthday. This is pure speculation, though, and part of a quite extensive world of mystery and intrigue that surrounds Shakespeare.

Who was he? Did he even exist at all, or was he a pseudonym, as is the contention of the so-called Oxfordian school of evidence? If he was a pseudonym, then for whom? Was there an actual chap who was enlisted to pretend to be William Shakespeare in public, to divert attention away from the actual author(s) of his works, which were highly political and sometimes brutally critical of power structures of the 16th Century?

I’m no expert on the controversy, but there are some things that astrology might tell us, and that astrology does seem to bolster the Oxfordian thesis. The Oxfordian thesis is itself a very large pile of circumstantial evidence, some of which involves proto-freemasonic intrigue in elite circles, and so the subject matter fits quite nicely with the mission of Emersion. I hope the Oxfordians will find this of value.

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