“… And the ‘SATURNIAN AGE,’ return again.”

Hooking up my old scanner to my PC proved to be disasterous, as I had to re-install everything from the ground up.  So, taking a break from Sibly, we turn to other affairs of note, this time with a propaganda piece from the Revolutionary Period:


This pro-Federalist piece calls on the wisdom of “returning” to an age of Saturn, or authoritarian law, as the proper divice for government.  North Carolina and Rhode Island are the holdouts to completing the 13-State Federal Union.  The text is as follows:

  • REDEUNT SATURNIA REGNA [Return the rule of Saturn]
  • On the erection of the Eleventh PILLAR of the great National DOME, we beg leave most sincerely to felicitate “OUR DEAR COUNTRY”
  • Rise it will – The foundation good – it may yet be SAVED.
  • ELEVEN STARS, in quick succession rise –
  • ELEVEN COLUMNS strike our wond’ring eyes,
  • Soon o’er the whole, shall swell the beauteous DOME ,
  • COLUMBIA’s boast – and FREEDOM’s hallow’d home.
  • Here shall the ARTS in glorious splendour shine!
  • And AGRICULTURE give her stores divine!
  • COMMERCE refin’d, dispense us more than gold,
  • And this new world, teach WISDOM to the old –
  • RELIGION here shall fix her blest abode,
  • Array’d in mildness, like its parent GOD!
  • JUSTICE and LAW, shall endless PEACE maintain,
  • And the “SATURNIAN AGE,” return again.

What is meant by this “Saturnian Age?”  In short,  it is the rule of law over the rule by men, or the aristocracy.  But, someone has to make up the law, and so the reality is the rule by the legal profession.

Astrologers know very well that Saturn is  connected to government and authoritarianism, and it goes that our Constitutionalists would be aware of such an astrological matter.

The US Constitution’s date of commencement was scheduled for March 4, 1789.  This date, which served as the inauguration date until FDR’s second term, is conspicuous for Saturn’s co-culmination with the Sun on the meridian, or 180° Azimuth.

Being a conspiratorialist at heart, I wondered why they did not choose March 3, the “33” day, but the charts show how March 4 is the superior choice for a mundane chart for the Saturnian Constitution:



So, even though Sun and Saturn are ecliptically conjunct on March 3, March 4 was chosen instead, perhaps because the conjunction was seen as stronger in a mundane elective astrological sense.  This exercise shows us that we need to look at celestial motion and alignments from more perspective than simply the two-dimensional astrology chart.

The ratification of the Constitution, September 17, 1787, was also a special paran with Moon (left), Sun (center) and Sirius (right):


The obvious choice of Sun culminating with Moon rising is particular to the notion of “rule by the people,” as Moon is “the masses.”  This is a somewhat common configuration in elective political astrology.  The juxtaposition with the highly important Sirius, which is oddly setting, seems to suggest that the Constitution is moving away from “the divine right of Kings” to the “ascension of democracy.”

– Ed K

2 thoughts on ““… And the ‘SATURNIAN AGE,’ return again.”

  1. The Age of Saturn is the Golden Age, the time of Primodial or Natural, Bliss:
    “May the Age of Saturn return” is the hope of the Federalists. This poem would make a better National Hymn than The Star Spangled Ban Her. What you demonstrate here is an excellent example of natural, in mundo, astrology, free’d of the zodioctic oppression.

  2. Free’d by the Freemasons, who seem to have a hybridized astrology with one foot in the tradition of the ancients and the other (surely the right foot) in the Royal Society’s more scientific thinking.

    After all, what good is scientific advancement if it cannot be used to seize more power? The Divination Rite of Kings.

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