The Reluctant Christchurch Massacre Post

I don’t like to glom onto tragedies in order to make self-aggrandizing, armchair quarterback pontifications about what happened, but given that this blog had been exploring the role of the fixed star Aldebaran in Vatican history, there are some things to say.

As with any event, one can call up a sky chart for the moment, and see what is happening.  In my very obscure career in this kind of “whole sky” astrology, I have explored, and uncovered, a sort of geo-stellar matrix language that is associated with numerous important events, and I have suspected that many important events have been designed and timed with the star matrix in mind.

For instance, when Flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, on 9/11, we could see that the fixed star Spica was on the ascendant at that moment at that location while the Sun was 33º above the horizon (scroll down to image 4-2), and that this perhaps had some kind of meaning, or some sort of “message” beyond the nature of the event itself, given that Spica is a “spike” of wheat being held by “the Virgin,” and the Pentagon – a building project that broke ground on a September 11 in 1941, is in Virginia, and so on.

This is what I like to call “ritual mundane astrology.”

With this very horrendous Christchurch event on March 15, there are numerous alignments and elements that seem to defy coincidence and look an awful lot like ritual astrology.  A whole-sky star chart for the event, which we are told began in earnest at 1:40 PM (13h 40m), local time (New Zealand Daylight Saving Time, or 780 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time), looks like this (click on graphic for better resolution):

Image 1 – 1:40 PM, local time, on March 15, 2019, Christchurch, New Zealand.

As we can see, Aldebaran is rising, exactly on the Ascending line at the right of the graphic, and the Sun is on the Midheaven, or culminating at 180º azimuth, forming a “mundane square”:

  • Aldebaran rises @ Christchurch:  13h 39m 12s
  • Sun culminates @ Christchurch:  13h 38m 58s

Thus, March 15 is the only day of the year when the Sun culminates as Aldebaran rises with this level of accuracy.  March 15 is, at Christchurch, Sun-square-Aldebaran day!  Where have we seen a Sun/Aldebaran connection before?  The Papal bull Ascendente domino that preceded the consecration of the Jesuit church in Rome:

Image A

Below is a closer view, showing Aldebaran on the horizon (white vertical line), Orion (upside down in the Southern Hemisphere, and Sirius just above the horizon:

Image 2

You may be saying, “But, Ed, something has to be rising over Christchurch at any given time, and this might just be a coincidence.”  True!  Yet, Christchurch has a special global relationship with its mother country, the UK, and its capital, London, in terms of Aldebaran.

If we relocate ourselves to London and chart the sky at the same moment, we find, quite amazingly, that Aldebaran is setting, and quite precisely:

Image 3 – Christchurch event moment relocated to London, UK.

Given that Christchurch is almost entirely halfway around the world (43°31′48″S 172°37′13″E), we might expect such a phenomenon, but this is almost too accurate to be random.  Let’s look at the timing of these celestial events with London’s Aldebaran included:

  • Aldebaran rises @ Christchurch:  13h 39m 12s
  • Aldebaran sets @ London:  13h 39m 29s
  • Sun culminates @ Christchurch:  13h 38m 58s

This is the basic point of mundane, locational astrology :  planets and stars aligning on the cardinal axes in the local space (azimuth and altitude) grids, meaning the meridian (MC and IC, north and south), the horizon (0º altitude), and also east and west (90º and 270º azimuth).

Here’s a closeup of Aldebaran setting at London:

Image 4

While we don’t find the Sun to be on the meridian at London for this time, we do find the star Alpheratz, or the alpha star of Andromeda, which does double-duty as the fourth corner of the Square of Pegasus at due north, or 0º azimuth.  (More on Alpheratz in a bit.)

Back to Aldebaran, it co-sets with the Pleiades at London’s latitude during this epoch, and this, again, brings us to a notion of cardinality, as the Pleiades were, in ancient times, the beginning of the zodiac.  Aldebaran literally means “The Follower,” and the thing it follows is the Pleiades.

Also of note is the Moon, which can be seen in Figure 4 just above the right arm of Orion, the “hunter,” who is trying to kill the Bull, Taurus.

Image 5

We can also see in the Christchurch event chart that Saturn has reached 270º Azimuth (a quadrature), and thus Sun and Saturn are in a local-space “mundane square” of 90º in azimuth.  (It should be stated here that the Sun culminates in the Northern Hemisphere at 180º azimuth, but culminates in the Southern Hemisphere at 0º azimuth.)  However, the planet Saturn can be found at 90º Azimuth in the London relocation, and thus about 180º apart in terms of the local-space grids:

Image 6 – Saturn over Christchurch @ 270º azimuth.
Image 7 – Relocated London Saturn @ 90º azimuth.


Saturn is, among other things, the planet of death and the harvest, so it’s unsurprising that we see it here on cardinal points in the matrix.  As for the general astrological situation we are experiencing that contains this event, we can see that Saturn is moving ever closer to Pluto, and they will conjoin in January of 2020, as part of a major munro-political reset.

In this kind of political/locational analysis, it is important to relocate to the Giza pyramids, the center of the ancient world, and ancient history’s most extravagant cosmic observatory and monument.  Giza is very important to “ritual astrology.”  At Giza, Saturn is rising:

Image 8 – Event relocated to Giza; Saturn on horizon, rising.
  • Aldebaran rises @ Christchurch:  13h 39m 12s
  • Aldebaran sets @ London:  13h 39m 29s
  • Sun culminates @ Christchurch:  13h 38m 58s
  • Saturn rises @ Giza:  13h 37m 43s

All of this seems to suggest that the Christchurch event’s timing was planned, and premeditated, in the tradition of “ritual astrology.”  This would, of course, mean that the perpetrator was somehow manipulated into acting at a specific time by others – others who would want such terrorism carried out to achieve certain goals, and certain “effects.”  Now, before you start comparing me to Alex Jones and his legion of idiots, let me say that there is a big difference between having a healthy skepticism about events, versus an unhealthy, pathological, and manic obsession with one’s own paranoia.

The fact is that our Western culture and political institutions have been astrologically “timed” and “arranged” for almost all of Western civilization.  Washington D.C. itself is connected to London via the fixed star Sirius.  There is a long tradition of a kind of astrology that seeks to harmonize our worldly enterprises with the heavenly spheres and lights.  It’s highly superstitious, but so are all of us to some extent; people who are otherwise perfectly rational and of excellent character still go to certain buildings on certain days of the week to ingest wafers and fermented grape juice, and think doing so somehow makes their lives more in tune with the creator of the entire cosmos.

Also, I in no way want to delegitimize the seriousness of the victims’ plight in this heartbreaking event.  Nothing I can say here will re-animate anyone’s loved ones, but I’m not writing about this to throw more chaos into the mix.  I hadn’t planned on it, but once I sat down and ran the charts (as we astrologers are accustomed to do), I had to post something, albeit reluctantly, with a bit of pain in my soul.  I’d much rather be talking about happy and positive things, like our hike to Box Canyon the other day, where natural beauty enhances the soul.

Yet, civilization is always a story of two steps forward and one step back, and we have to take some plaster casts of those footsteps from time to time.  The way I see it, most of these spectacular terrorist events are synthetic, as opposed to organic, meaning they are not truly the “lone wolf” scenarios that are reported.

At this stage, the blog entry proves nothing anyhow.  I could go into a long and tedious listing of all the major political milestones that feature the Aldebaran/Antares axis, such as how that axis is tied into nuclear weaponry (France even named two of their test bombs after Aldebaran and Antares), the US Constitution, Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the Star of Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus (according to Ernest L. Martin), and so on.

(I won’t even go there with the “bull’s eye” stuff.)

Speaking of Jesus, we’ll be returning to that theme with the Vatican soon, as we get into the enigma of the resigning Pope, and how Italian fascism saved the Papacy.

~ Ed.


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